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Bayco® SL-826 – 13 W Fluorescent Work Light

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Cool running 13 watt fluorescent bulb rated at 10,000 hours of use
Similar amount of light to a 75 watt incandescent bulb but with a daylight color (6500 Kelvin)
Electronic ballast provides instant no flicker cold weather starts
Attached to a 50 retractable cord inside of a metal reel
Nylon tip double hooks for hands-free use
Flame retardant polypropylene handle
Includes mounting brackets for attaching the reel to the wall or ceiling
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Made to provide a high performance lighting solution
Expertly manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory
Underwent rigorous quality control inspections
High reliability ensures maximum customer satisfaction

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Weight 9.43 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4.75 × 14.25 in


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